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Kiddie Rides

Ride & Attraction Pricing
Single Tickets: $2.00
Discount Pack: 16 Coupons for $30
Family Savings Pack: 26 Coupons for $45
All Rides take 1-3 tickets each.

Ride bracelets are available during select event times. All rides require paid riders with exception to the Carousel where adults ride free while accompanying a paying child (adult must stand next to child).

Must over 36" to ride
The Circus Train is a kid size train ride that is decorated with a variety of circus animals!
Must over 42" to ride
60" maximum
One of the most popular rides in Kiddieland, the Dragon Wagon, is a kid-size roller coaster in which kids ride on one of the most friendly dragons in existence!
Must be 36" to ride with an adult
or 42" to ride alone
The Jumping Jumbos is a family ride that seats both kids and adults. As the ride begins to spin, the elephants raise and lower.
Must over 36" to ride
54" maximum
The Motorcycle Jump features kid-size motorcycles that pop wheelies, go over jumps, and more. The Motorcycle Jump has been a favorite kiddie ride for decades.
Must over 32" to ride
54" maximum
The Umbrella 4x4 is a tame ride for children. It features a combination of dune buggies, and 4x4 trucks. It is a simple ride that spins in a continuous circle.
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