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Spectacular Rides

Ride & Attraction Pricing
Single Tickets: $2.00
Discount Pack: 16 Coupons for $30
Family Savings Pack: 26 Coupons for $45
All Rides take 1-3 tickets each.

Ride bracelets are available during select event times. All rides require paid riders with exception to the Carousel where adults ride free while accompanying a paying child (adult must stand next to child).

Must over 48" to ride
Themed as a magic carpet ride, the Ali Baba whisks riders 50 feet in the air while never turning them upside down. As the gondola rotates downward, riders feel a free-fall sensation.
Must be 42" to ride with an adult
or 48" to ride alone
The Avalanche is a spectacular platform ride that whisks riders left to right and over the top in a fast pace motion. As riders crest the top, they experience a free fall sensation.
Must over 42" to ride
The Century Wheel is one of the tallest and most popular rides on the midway. Above this 65 tall Ferris wheel, guests will get a birds eye view of the surrounding area!
Must over 46" to ride
The Cliff Hanger gives riders the sensation of flying as riders lie on their stomach. As the ride begins to spin, it rises at a 45 degree angle.
Must over 42" to ride
Riders are propelled down our giant drop tower! Can you handle it?
Must over 52" to ride
The Extreme is the latest version of one of the wildest rides available today. You'll love The Extreme - it feels like you're tumbling in orbit!
54" unless accompanied
The seats slowly rotate as the entire boom arm begins to swing horizontally. As the claw begins to rotate, the pendulum swings back and forth.
Must be 42" to ride with an adult
or 52" to ride alone
The Sizzler is a modern version of the classic Scrambler ride that spins riders in two different directions. As the center of the ride rotates, so does the spindles which the seats are on.
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